As primary material in sculpture, clay is not only significant but is also considered constant and archetypal. During my research I have sought opportunities that clay provides with movements in all directions, for a study of the human body. The infinity of human body movements and the infinite possibilities of clay, inspire me to create drawings which can be seen on the walls of my studio. I also draw on the simulacrum of wall surfaces which I plaster, glue, cover and combine, using clay interactively with the drawings. Later the clay goes to air-firing and highly sintered clay gets red as well as the drawings, so that this monochrome corresponds to my research approach. For an optimal expression of certain forms, it is very important to know the properties of the material and its capacities in terms of my research work. Clay is suitable for use in civil engineering, ceramics industry and sintering processes. A large number of small figures which I made were always capturing a different movement. Some of them were subject to duplication and repetition and most importantly, all these moving figures were influenced by the fact that they were part of my presentation/exhibition. Figures were presented on a square surface, (2x2m) in horizontal position. There were 500 figures displayed on the surface, placed closely next to each other. In the fourth year of my undergraduate studies, this art piece received an award of the “Stanišić” Foundry.