This paper contemplates the paradigm of participativity in the context of contemporary media, since an analysis of the modern media and information-communication context is necessary for acquiring a more wholesome insight into new paradigms of participativity and participative praxis. The papers gives a short overview of key notions, phenomena and processes significant to the context of digital media: convergence and digitalization of the media, multitasking, media as participants in creating messages, expansion of social media. Also, the paper points to certain similarities and differences between participative practices before and after the Internet, to the influence of information-communication technologies on the media, and especially on a possibility as a unique feature of the modern media context: the possibility to use digital technologies and the media to include and engage in the media and technology sphere, in an autonomous way, lead by our own individual interests. The media which enable participation of the users and create possibilities for nurturing and development of participative culture, are donominated in this paper as participatory media. Basic notions of their key characteristics are given, of significance to the subject of this paper.