The subject of this paper is quantum-holographic framework for holistic psychosomatics (including integrative medicine and transpersonal psychology). Such a framework could have significant implications for understanding the mechanisms of quantum-holographic feedback control in the morphogenesis and bio-resonant application of the healing boundary conditions in psychosomatics, based on acupuncture and consciousness. It sheds new light on the long standing open problems of the holistic role and limitations (of local balancing) of the acupuncture system and (psychotherapeutic and spiritual integration of the local contents of an individual as well as complete unbonding of all transpersonal contents of the collective) consciousness. It also indicates the quantum-holographic nature of the deep psychotherapeutic layers of the mask of the individual, constructed by its energy-information blockages (bondings) at different levels of consciousness. Essentially, all psychosomatic problems could have their initial roots in the energy-informational attractor blockages at different levels of consciousness (caused by trans-generational-predestined stressors such as fear, frustration, anger, hatred…) and healing would include their integration with the healthy core of personality, through the unconditional acceptance of spiritually forgiving oneself and one’s environment. Or in the deep psychotherapeutic terminology, healing would start by integration of the breakaway aspects of the Shadow (subconscious) with the Person (ego) and then completed by integration with a higher Self at the end of the process of individuation (Psychosynthesis) i.e. by removing all mask layers of the individual, intricately constructed by the quantum-holographic energy-informational blockages (bondings) at different levels of consciousness. All this is aligned with the revived scientific interest in the study of consciousness in recent decades (indicating the occurrence of grand synthesis of the two modes of knowledge, rational-scientific and creative-religious, in the framework of a quantum-holographic paradigm) – with the essential role of each individual because of the influence and concern for unloading of the collective mental environment.