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KULTURA n. 161/2019 Yugoslavia and Culture / Aesthetics Today

The presentation of Kultura n. 161 will be held on Thursday, April 18,at noon, in the Center for Study in Cultural Development, 4 Rige od Fere, Belgrade. The speakers will be: professors Divna Vuksanović and Una Popović, co-editors of the pages “Aesthetics Today” Aleksandar Raković and curator Tatomir Toroman, editor of the pages “Yugoslavia and […]

The themes and deadlines for texts to be published in Kultura in 2019

1. The deadline for submitting texts for issue 162 is March 15, 2019;the main themes in this issue are “Everyday Life”, prepared and edited by professor Vladislava Gordić Petković, and “Hip-Hop Culture”, prepared and edited by Dragan Đorđević; 2. The deadline for submitting texts for issue 163 is May 15, 2019; the main themes in […]