A Search for Current Questions and Answers in a New Redesigned CULTURE

In the well attended Gallery of the Center for Studies in Cultural Development, a new jubilee double issue 170-171 of the CULTURE journal for theory and sociology of culture and cultural policy was promoted. A word of greeting to the gathered audience – many prominent persons in culture and managers of cultural institutions – was given by Marko Krstić, acting Center manager.

Mr. Krstić has underlined that “modernization” of the visual aspect of the journal has risen from the need to have the biggest possible readership, as CULTURE is the only journal for sociology of culture and cultural policy in Serbia. Naturally, this does not mean that we will lose sight of the long tradition of this iconic journal which we regard with deep respect and appreciation. CULTURE will remain one of our most important journals with highest scientific reach. Art history is also a history of change, and on that trail, CULTURE also has to change conceptually, to be noticeably more active in the public life of Serbia while considering the neurological focal points in culture and cultural policy.”

The promotion then started with the opening word of the Assistant Minister of Culture and Information, Mr Radovan Jokić, who has underlined that: “CULTURE journal has clearly taken a step up. We expect its area of operation to be a sublimation of actual events that Ministry is dealing with, and we expect their helping hand in solving the challenges that are placed before culture and the world today. Furthermore, this significant journal can assist us in another segment, and that is contextualization and inclusion of real time projections in response to the challenge of developing and improving our culture.”

An inspired view of the new concept of  CULTURE was presented to the audience by  Dr Slađana Ilić, managing editor of CULTURE, as well as Dr Jana Aleksić and Dr Vladimir Kolarić, as members of the editorial board.

In a pleasant atmosphere, the thematic triptych of the double issue was presented: “Culture, subject, philosophy”, “Culture and creativity” and “Culture and heritage”, while the audience expressed great interest in the new, more modern visual identity of the journal.