The new 162nd issue of Kultura was presented today in front of a full auditorium at the Gallery of the Center for Study in Cultural Development. The new issue is dedicated to two themes: “Everyday Life” and “Hip-Hop”.

The section “Everyday Life” was edited by professor Vladislava Gordić Petković, and serves as a warning and a call for “moral allusions, existential allegories and paradigmatic keys to understanding our everyday life.” Eight authors discuss everyday life from different theoretical-critical perspectives.

The other section in this issue is “Hip-Hop”, edited by Dragan Đorđević as part of the culture of resistance. It features six texts that analyze the historical development of hip-hop and raise important questions about contemporary hip-hop culture.

From left to right: Dragan Đorđević, Vladislava Gordić Petković, and Vladimir Kolarić 

The academic and cultural audience gathered at the promotion was addressed by professor Vladislava Gordić Petković, editor-in-chief of Kultura and editor of the section “Everyday Life”, Dragan Đorđević, editor of the section “Hip-Hop”, and Vladimir Kolarić, an editorial staff member of Kultura.