Influencing Young People from Foreign Countries is Important

June 28, 2022

At the Gallery of the Institute for Cultural Development (ZAPROKUL), the new 173rd issue of Culture Magazine was promoted today on the topic of “Culture and Diplomacy” before a packed auditorium.

Manager of the Institute, Mr. Marko Karstic addressed the gathering stating that “this thematic issue has an intention to connect two major ministries and activate the issue of diplomacy in culture.”

Dr. Aleksandra Kolaković, editor of this thematic issue, has addressed the fact that a “new normality” has changed people’s lives all over the world. Establishment, development, maintenance and improvement of foreign relations of a country by means of culture, arts, sport, science and education have brought about new tasks in new circumstances. Cultural diplomacy as part of public diplomacy and the manner of growing “soft power” in this context are especially significant for culture and for a country like Serbia.”

“Methods of action and manners of expression are changing and broadening, and the flow of information is improved for use in cultural diplomacy. However, it seems that the objectives have remained the same: to extend your influence by reaching out to others, but also in certain historic circumstances to prevent the others to reach you with their influences”, said dr. Slobodan Selinić, scientific associate from the Institute for Recent Serbian History.

Prof. dr. Siniša Atlagić from the Faculty of Political Sciences, pointed out the significance of the topic and importance of the Culture Magazine where the topic was instigated, concluding that it is significant to influence the young people from foreign countries, so this kind of activity may as well be one of future cultural and diplomatic strategies of our country.