The new 161st issue of Kultura was presented today, on Thursday, April 18, at noon in the Center for Study in Cultural Development. Two thematic sections were prepared for this issue: “Yugoslavia and Culture” and “Aesthetics Today”.

The section “Yugoslavia and Culture” was edited in honor of two anniversaries: the first – one century since the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes was founded; and the other – half a century of Kultura magazine. “The published works present the latest research on Yugoslav cultural policies (indifferent periods of the Yugoslav state), social changes and cultural phenomena, not just in the sphere of high culture and art but also in popular culture, folk culture, as well as the role of culture in the everyday life of Yugoslav people.”

The other section in this new issue is “Aesthetics Today”. It comprises eight texts by authors who were influenced by the Aesthetic Society of Serbia, an organization that celebrated 40 years of existence in 2018. “The section ‘Aesthetics Today’ offers insight into the broad spectrum of theoretical approaches in contemporary aesthetics.”

The academic and cultural audience gathered at the presentation was addressed by professors Divna Vuksanović and Una Popović, the co-editors of the pages “Aesthetics Today”, Aleksandar Raković and high curator Tatomir Toroman, the editors of the pages “Yugoslavia and Culture”, professor Vladislava Gordić Petković, the editor-in-chief of Kultura, and Vuk Vukićević, the responsible editor of Kultura and the Center’s director.