CULTURE – A Magazine that Pushes the Boundaries Dec. 30, 2022

The latest number of the Culture magazine, on the topic of historic and epic heroes between historiography and literary folklore tradition, was promoted at the Institute premises, in a pleasant and festive atmosphere. This thematic volume was prepared by Dragoljub B. Perić and Boris Stojkovski who were guided by the interconnectivity of historic factography and epic interpretation of individual epic hero biographies and events.


The audience was greeted by the director of the Institute (ZAPROKUL), Marko Krstić, who expressed his satisfaction that such an interesting topic has found its place in the magazine, and that the audience has been given an opportunity to read the texts that offer a new perspective and views of our history and myths close to the start of a new calendar year.


Mr Stojkovski, on of the editors of this thematic issue, underlined the importance of the Culture magazine and its decades-long tradition of pushing the boundaries in Serbian culture. In his opinion, the synergy of different expert viewpoints given in this issue, has offered us new facts and details of our identity, our culture of remembrance and culture in general. “This issue offers you a picture of the entire region, and wider cultural space even, of all South Slavic nations, their history, myths and folklore traditions…”.

In closure, Slađana Ilić, the editor-in-chief of the Culture magazine and the moderator of the spirited discussion, pointed out the diversity of the inspiring texts given in the Researches chapter, which can be found interesting and informative to all those who search for deeper empirical insights into the Serbian and global cultural issues.