The 165th issue of the journal Kultura: Strip i identitet (Comics and Identity) is out

Last night, in the Belgrade Youth Center, the 165th issue of the journal for theory, sociology of culture, and cultural policies Kultura was presented. The theme of this issue is “Comics and Identity”, and it features texts by foreign and local scientists and experts from eight countries written in seven languages.

The speakers at the event were Zoran Stefanović, the editor of the section “Comics and Identity”; Irina Antanasijević, the author of the text“ Seryozha and Ninotchka in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia”; Vladislava Gordić Petković, the editor-in-chief of Kultura; Vladimir Kolarić, editorial staff member; and Vuk Vukićević, the director of the Center for Study in Cultural Development and editor of Kultura.

The event gathered the contributors to Kultura, comic book fans, and members of the press. A live broadcast was organized for those who could not attend, and the video of the broadcast can be seen on the Facebook page of the Center for Study in Cultural Development. All texts from the 165thissue of Kultura are available for download from the magazine’s website:, or through the mobile application “Kultura Magazine”.