The new 167th issue of Kultura Journal is out

The 167th issue of Kultura Journal has been released and it focuses on two themes: “The Heritage House and Cultural Policy in Serbia” edited by Jadranka Božić, and “The Aesthetics of the Body in Christianity” edited by Vladimir Kolarić and Blagoje Pantelić. Besides the mentioned thematic sections, the 167th issue contained the regular features—Research, Retrospections, and Reviews.

As Jadranka Božić, the editor of the section “The Heritage House and Cultural Policy in Serbia”, says in the introduction: “At the core of the legacy type of inheriting is the act of gifting. Gifting implies selflessness,that is, denying oneself of something valuable, and the more valuable it is to one, the more selfless the act. Each act of giving goes beyond narrow concerns—efforts to build a better society, ethical norms, and the general morals of the people can be driven by the noble act of leaving a legacy. Cultural policy should encourage the culture of giving, as show respect to the givers and the sacrifices made by the guardians and transmitters of cultural goods.”

Vladimir Kolarić and Blagoje Pantelić, editors of the section “The Aesthetics of the Body in Christianity”, state in the introduction: “Since human beings consist not only of the body—although they are unimaginable without it—every aesthetical approach to the human body in Christianity must take into account human beings as a whole, even though only the body can be immediately perceived through the senses, meaning aesthetically graspable and artistically representable. This attempt to aesthetical grasp the whole of human beings is one of the greatest challenges not just for aesthetical theories and practices but also theology and is connected with the key question of the intelligibility and representability of the invisible (through the visible).”

Apart from the printed issue, the digital edition of Kultura n. 167 can be seen on the website, or obtained through the mobile application.